The Benefits

Shelf-Activated Benefits

Not only is the ShelfX technology revolutionary, but it is also packed with cutting-edge features that help improve your business, save you money and keep your peace of mind.

wand32Fully Customizable Solutions

Depending on your requirements, you can build your ShelfX solution exactly to your specs. The ShelfX system can be installed on any shelf, for any product and within any temperature. Whether it means customizing the size of the shelf, enclosing it for refrigeration or fitting into an existing cabinet, anything is possible.

gear32Scalable Design

The ShelfX system has been designed for cost effective solution from vending machine size to full size grocery stores. The modular design makes it easy to add more shelves to any system as needs change. You can create a ShelfX “store within a store” to provide self-service shopping for increased customer satisfaction.

shieldcross32Highly Reliable Technology

With ShelfX, you get solid hardware and software components with minimal maintenance requirements. No moving parts means less room for hardware malfunction.

lock32Secure and Fraud-Proof System

Data from the ShelfX Software, Cards and Kiosks are encrypted and password protected.  Payment for purchases is normally deducted from the shoppers account as they shop so theft is not possible. If someone takes a product from a shelf without identifying themselves, an alert can be sounded and/or sent so that security can react.

spanner32Easy Setup and Installation

Since the ShelfX system relies on wireless communication, there is minimal wiring and setup remains quick and easy. And the ShelfX Software lets you easily configure the system once shelves are installed and you are ready to stock.


Both merchants and consumers have access to detailed reports. Merchants can access Sales Activity reports that show sales by location and product so that they can know what products are moving best and worst from their various locations. Consumers can access account activity reports that provides a record of their shopping history as well as that for all family members.


Automated Settlement Services

 ShelfX normally settles the merchant account each week using an automated process that summarizes purchases, returns, and fees. Electronic funds transfer is used to automatically send funds to the merchant.

exchange32API for Third-Party Integrations

ShelfX plans to release an API for third-party system integrations. This will enable all sorts of applications (mobile or otherwise) to be built to enrich the consumer and merchant experiences. Imagine apps that provide store navigation, rich automatic shopping lists and much more. Use your imagination!