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How Does ShelfX Work?

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    Stocking the Smart Shelf
    Using the back-end management application, a planogram is built that specifies which product goes on which shelf. When it is time to stock the fridge, an employee uses a special employee card to open the fridge. The fridge is now in stocking mode. The employee simply adds the appropriate items to each shelf and the system detects the exact quantity of items that are on the shelf. If a new item is to be stocked on a given shelf, then the stocking employee simply removes one item so that the system can automatically learn the item weight.
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    Welcoming Shoppers
    With built-in RFID/NFC technology, the ShelfX smart shelf is able to detect a shopper or employee approaching with an RFID-enabled Xcard. The Xcard is associated with their online account which contains their complete profile and preferred payment method when applicable to the application.

    In a smart storage or medical application, the Xcard serves as an access card with specific access privileges for each employee. Access to inventory and quantities taken of each item are logged for stock safeguarding and record keeping purposes. 

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    Shopping with Ease
    As a shopper walks up to take an item, the ShelfX system offers a personalized welcome. If an item is picked up, it is recorded. If the shopper changes their mind and puts it back on the shelf, ShelfX makes the adjustment. 
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    Processing Payment and Inventory Update
    ShelfX automatically records the quantity of the items purchased and their total cost, updates inventory and records the purchase on the shopper’s Xcard account. Payment processing at a ShelfX Kiosk is also an option. With ShelfX, shoppers can also fund their Xcard account online or via a ShelfX Kiosk at any time, avoiding any need for card payment processing at the shelf.
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    Ready for More
    Upon completion, ShelfX can offer shoppers suggestions and/or discounts on other relevant nearby products that may be of interest to the buyer.