ShelfX Vending Fridge Redefines Flexible Food Vending

ShelfX is changing the way you look at vending machines. Equipped with leading-edge ShelfX technology, the Vending Fridge lets consumers use their mobile phone or NFC-enabled XCard to purchase refrigerated products from a hotel, office, retail store, gym, coffee shop, school, library, or just about anywhere. The Vending Fridge is equipped with the company’s proprietary smart shelf that knows the exact quantity and type of products that are stocked on it. The smart shelf can also identify what the consumer removes from or returns to its shelves and through wireless communication, even updates accounts and instantly automates billing.

The Customer Experience – Just wave, grab and go.

Watch these videos to see how it works.

There will be other related vending fixtures available soon such as a Vending Freezer, an upright Vending Ice Cream Freezer, and an Ambient Vending Fixture.

Alternatively, use your mobile phone to shop

  1. Use your mobile phone to scan a QR code on the fridge.This prompts the download of the ShelfX App from which you setup your account and payment method.
  2. Within seconds, scanning the QR code again will unlock the fridge door.
  3. Grab a product …and go! (Take any product, any quantity.)

Alternatively, customers can also use an RFID-enabled XCard, which is waved in front of the reader to open the fridge. The Xcard is associated with their online Xcard account and can be quickly created using a mobile device or at a ShelfX kiosk. This allows customers to start shopping immediately without hassle.

ShelfX Handles Payment Processing Too

Owners only need to stock the fridge. ShelfX handles account creations, payment processing, and sends owners a payment each month, deducting only a small percentage of sales for services rendered.

ShelfX Vending Fridge Lets You:

  • Offer convenient and quick access to fresh snacks, meals and beverages.
  • Provide a forward-thinking vending solution to reflect your establishment’s brand.
  • Eliminate involvement in payment processing and focus on your core business.
  • Diminish theft and fraud with advanced ShelfX security features.
  • Benefit from flexible and easy deployment.