ShelfX Micromarket Lets The Breakroom Work For You

ShelfX offers you a revolutionary self-checkout MicroMarket with no lines, no cashiers and no product scanning. The ShelfX MicroMarket transforms your employees’ view of the breakroom, acting instead as a valuable office perk: a 24/7 hassle-free market loaded with healthy and fresh snacks, beverages and meals.

Unlike other MicroMarket solutions, ShelfX relies on near-field (NFC) communication to identify the employee. ShelfX is equipped with highly-sensitive weight sensors to instantly know when a product is removed from the shelf, automatically deducting the cost of their purchases from their XCard. It’s that simple; no lines, no checkout, no product scanning.

The Employee Experience – Just wave and go.

  1. Activate your Xcard at the ShelfX Kiosk (Do one-time registration and balance loading.)
  2. Wave your Xcard near the ShelfX Display (The system greets you.)
  3. Grab a product …and go!  (Take any product, any quantity.)

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ShelfX MicroMarket Lets You:

  • Boost efficiency by keeping employees in the office.
  • Provide healthier snack and meal options 24/7.
  • Keep employees happy with convenient shopping and endless choices.
  • Use market revenues to fund other employee perks.
  • Get real-time inventory updates and automate product re-ordering.
  • Benefit from easy installation and maintenance.