ShelfX Retail Solution Eliminates Checkout Lines

With ShelfX, there is no such thing as a line. Customers enter the store, shop for their products and leave. But in between, something revolutionary happens. This mobile self-checkout solution greets customers by name, tells them what they have purchased, offers discounts and additional suggestions based on their customer profile, and processes their payment. ShelfX makes all of this happens while helping you efficiently track inventory and stock merchandise in your store.

The Customer Experience – Just wave and go.

1. Activate your XCard at the ShelfX Kiosk (Do one-time registration and balance loading.)
2. Wave your XCard near the ShelfX display (The system greets you.)
3. Grab a product …and go!  (Take any product, any quantity.)

ShelfX relies on near-field (NFC) communication to identify the shopper and is equipped with highly-sensitive weight sensors to instantly know when a product is removed from, or even returned to the shelf. So, ShelfX automatically deducts the cost of their purchases from their XCard.

Although eliminating lines might be its best advantage, the ShelfX Retail solution helps retail stores boost efficiency, optimize staff levels and automate inventory management.

 ShelfX Retail Solution Helps You:

  • Offer an efficient and convenient checkout process to your customers.
  • Put an end to labeling shelves and products, or scanning items and entering manual SKUs.
  • Communicate inventory and product pricing information to your customers in real-time.
  • Update pricing instantaneously when special promotions are released.
  • Use shopper statistics to automate personalized loyalty programs and discounts via the shelf’s LCD screen or shopper’s smartphone.
  • Get real-time inventory monitoring and automated ordering.
  • Rely on consumer behaviour analytics and reports to convert weaknesses into opportunities.
  • Deploy hybrid installation with amix of ShelfX Kiosks, traditional cashiers or other self-checkout systems.
  • Diminish theft and fraud with advanced ShelfX security features.
  • Benefit from flexible and easy deployment.