ShelfX Arena Adds Grab-and-Go to Concession Stands

 We’ve all been there. Every sports stadium visitor, movie-goer or conference attendee looking for a quick bite dreads the line at the concession stand. So ShelfX is on a mission to give the concession stand a better reputation, offering grab-and-go convenience for food, beverages and even souvenirs at your arenas, cinemas, museums and local conference centers.

Instead of waiting in long lines and missing the beginning of a show, or worse, the winning goal, visitors can use their near-field (NFC) enabled phones or Xcards to grab items and get back to their seat, fast. ShelfX is equipped with highly-sensitive weight sensors to instantly know when a product is removed from the shelf, automatically deducting the cost of their purchases from the shopper’s Xcard.

For the sporting or entertainment venue, ShelfX also provides live inventory alerts, so you know when popular snacks, beverages or souvenirs are running low.

The Customer Experience – Just wave and go.

  1. Activate your Xcard at the ShelfX Kiosk (Do one-time registration and balance loading.)
  2. Wave your Xcard near the ShelfX Display (The system greets you.)
  3. Grab a product …and go!  (Take any product, any quantity.

ShelfX Arena Solution Helps You:

  • Offer a better entertainment experience, without the hassle of lines.
  • Provide a more efficient and convenient checkout process to your customers.
  • Optimize staffing levels and better control inventory in real-time.
  • Update pricing instantaneously when special promotions are released.
  • Use shopper statistics to automate personalized loyalty programs and discounts via the shelf’s LCD screen or shopper’s smartphone.
  • Deploy hybrid installation with amix of ShelfX Kiosks, traditional cashiers or other self-checkout systems.
  • Diminish theft and fraud with advanced ShelfX security features.
  • Benefit from flexible and easy deployment.