Smart Storage

ShelfX Smart Storage Solutions Extend Possibilities

There are no limits to the ways ShelfX technology can be leveraged. Any item, at any size, at any temperature can be stocked or stored on ShelfX smart shelves.

In an office, supply rooms can be stacked with paper pads, boxes of pens, ink cartridges and more. Access to the supplies are controlled by XCards and inventories monitored in real-time. At a blood banks or hospital emergency rooms, bags of blood and other fluids can be refrigerated and inventoried with the ShelfX Vending Fridge.

The ideas and uses are endless; but what remains the same is the revolutionary technology that allows you to improve your business processes and better manage your inventory. ShelfX system recognizes an employee`s Xcard and accepts or denies entry based on pre-programmed access rights. If allowed, ShelfX records employee access and the quantity of each item that was removed from its smart shelves instantly. Detailed report logs and advanced security features, give you peace of mind.

The Employee Experience – Just wave and go.

1. Have your XCard activated by your administrator with access privileges
2. Wave your XCard near the ShelfX display.
3. Grab an item …and go!  Take any product, any quantity.

ShelfX Smart Storage Solutions Help You:

  • Put an end to labeling shelves and products, or scanning items and entering manual SKUs.
  • Improve inventory management of high-risk supplies or general items.
  • Deter internal theft by controlling access to supplies.
  • Generate real-time reports of inventory and automate reordering.
  • Use statistical data to streamline business processes.
  • Benefit from easy installation and maintenance.