Present your payment card or mobile phone to unlock

the door.



Open the door, take whatever you wish. You can put back what you do not want to keep.


Close the door to finalize the purchase and enjoy.

ShelfX smart fridge.

ShelfX has deployed more than 1000 smart fridges in 21 countries.

Shelffridges have sold over 8 million items.

ShelfX has been in business for 8 years .

ShelfX customers include:


Cashless Operation

ShelfX accepts credit, debit, mobile, and reload-able NFC Xcard payments. Optional payment methods include fingerprint and facial recognition.   

Remote Monitoring

ShelfX uses cloud-based apps to provide remote management of your fixtures. This allows you to view detailed employee activity, live inventory, as well as customer interactions. The smart fixture will send email alerts for unauthorized access, temperature changes, and more.

Sales Analytics

ShelfX offers extensive reports including customizable sales reports, charts, product analysis, and more.  For more information click below. 

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Live Inventory Managment

ShelfX provides live inventory reports showing: product, prices, and quantities by shelf.  Waste reports and pick list can also be generated, detailing exactly what items and what quantities are needed for restocking. 

Expanded Merchandising

ShelfX smart fixture allows you to sell a wide variety of products such as fresh, healthy, gourmet foods. ShelfX smart fixtures can accommodate non-refrigerated items with dual temperature control.  

Marketing and Promotions

ShelfX  offers a wide variety of promotional features and  customizable discounts including: BOGO, combo meals, and other special discounts. Employee meal benefits can also be linked to Xcards. 

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Get your retrofit kit today, and start selling tomorrow




ShelfX retrofit kits include all the hardware and technology needed for your 24/7 smart fridge.(Fully-installed systems also available)



The ShelfX system can be easily installed into an existing fridge, freezer, or shelving fixture.  Installation support is available from ShelfX. 



Start selling your products immediately with your new 24/7  smart fridge complete with live inventory management and advanced merchandising tools. 

Why choose ShelfX?

Make Any Fixture a Smart Fixture

ShelfX retrofit kits allow you to transform your standard refrigerator or fixture into a smart fridge. Cashless payments, live inventory management and complete security for your products by capturing the customers payment information before unlocking the door. This means putting your product in the hands of your costumers.  

Cutting Edge Technology

ShelfX provides a revolutionary retailing platform to match your unique brand, creating unprecedented demand for your products.

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Break Into a New Market

ShelfX smart fixture allow you to sell a virtually variety of products, including fresh, healthy, and gourmet options. With ShelfX, you can bring your products to traditionally underserved markets such as universities, offices, gyms, hospitals and more.

Increase Your Sales

ShelfX provides an extensive variety of marketing and sales tools such as customizable discounts, BOGO, combo meals, "Happy Hours", and employee meal benefits. ShelfX system provides comprehensive sales reports, product analysis, customer buying trends, and more.   

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