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Start selling your products immediately with your new 24/7  smart fridge complete with live inventory management and advanced merchandising tools. 


ShelfX is a leading provider of unattended retail.The technology can be deployed in secured fixtures to allow consumers to purchase any item in any quantity right at the shelf. No cashiers, no lines, no product scanning, no RFID stickers.


ShelfX was established in 2011 and is growing rapidly. ShelfX is a global company with hundreds of active fixtures in many countries around the world operating in many languages and currencies.

The proprietary technology developed by ShelfX is suitable for almost any product.


ShelfX technology is based on weight sensing plate. This technology allows consumers to walk up to a fixture, present payment, take items from the shelf and walk away. The charge for the items taken is applied to the shoppers account which receives an email receipt detailing the purchase.

ShelfX technology providing a wide range of healthy, fresh and gourmet food options in universities, hospitals, office buildings, train stations, airports, residential buildings, golf courses, country clubs, ski resorts and more.


ShelfX acceptable methods of payment are credit/debit cards, NFC devices, smart cards(Xcard), QR codes, Apple Pay, mobile phones, employee badges, payroll deduction, fingerprint, keypad and facial recognition.

ShelfX partners with leading manufacturers such as True Manufacturing, to supply state of the art UAR fixtures for refrigerated, frozen, and room temperature fixtures.


ShelfX provides a cloud based software ecosystem which lets consumers setup and manage their account online. The software lets merchants manage their operations with a mobile based management application. The application (called Xmanager), is a mobile optimized solutions that allows access from any internet connected device such as a tablet, smartphone or a computer.

The consumer site,, provides customers with a way to setup up payment methods, associate NFC devices, add household members, see activity reports and much more from any web connected device.

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